In our achievements in the field of competition and antitrust law are realized projects in such diverse sectors as:

  • chemical,
  • health,
  • food,
  • commerce,
  • petrochemical,
  • IT,
  • telecommunications,
  • municipal waste,
  • energy,
  • airport,
  • gas,
  • financial,
  • publishing,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • railway,
  • municipal transport,
  • construction materials.
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It's obvious - as economists we understand economic processes and we are able to measure the economic risks posed by competition law and other regulations antitrust.

How we work?

How we work?

First we identify the business problem and then we match it with the optimal path.

Planning distribution network or capital acquisition should draw close attention to regulations of competition law, 80% of which are related to widely understood economic knowledge...