Aware business cannot function well without a properly designed analytical activities, as well as audit, especially in the complex regulatory environment. Business idea that is expressed in numbers, can be much more effectively justified and optimized. COMPER’s extensive experience and recommendations form our Clients prove our competence in these areas.

In the area of analysis we offer such activities as:

  • financial analysis of enterprises, determining financial and economic condition, including the definition of a firm in difficulty,
  • operational audits in the field of public transport,
  • quantitative analysis and econometric modelling,
  • investment analysis,
  • businessplans and economic plans, including those used in the provision of public services,
  • preparation of control procedures and audit
  • market strategy analysis, with particular emphasis on strategy of distribution or concentration,
  • efficiency audits,
  • audits of recompensation.
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Analytical approach to projects has taught us that the analytical foundation is the most appropriate to management. Our experience guarantees accuracy, usefulness and comprehensiveness of solutions.

How we work?

How we work?

Accurately, effectively and imaginatively. Is it enough? Yes, because in our tasks we always put a full stop.

Our experience in analysis and audits was built, among other, on the projects carried out in sectors such...