Planning distribution network or capital acquisition should draw close attention to regulations of competition law, 80% of which are related to widely understood economic knowledge. Each market success is based on good planning and recognition of competition with maximizing business objectives, at the same time taking into account regulatory restrictions. Our specialized, yet comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience enable us to effectively combine business objectives of our customers with the constraints affecting the market, including regulatory - resulting from competition law.

Our offer includes activities such as:

  • audit of trade strategy in the context of competition regulations,
  • defining relevant markets and determining the position and market power,
  • analysis and modification of the pricing policies of companies in order to ensure their compliance with antitrust regulations,
  • identification of competition regulatory risks,
  • static and dynamic analysis; competition scenarios
  • competition compliance and best practice monitoring systems development,
  • relevant markets monitoring systems,
  • balancing tests for distribution (art. 8, paragraph. 1 of the Act on competition and consumer protection),
  • premerger audits in the context of the expected conditions that may arise in the proceedings to notification with antitrust risk assessment,
  • concentration notification documents to the OCCP or the European Commission preparation, with particular emphasis on the economic part of the notification questionnaire,
  • training and workshops, during which we provide answers to the issues raised by our customers.

Our special innovative product is the implementation of the antitrust risk management system. The product consists of identifying the areas of risk and suggesting ways of its optimization. It gives effective solutions to retail and distribution.

COMPER – Competition Law

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It's obvious - as economists we understand economic processes and we are able to measure the economic risks posed by competition law and other regulations antitrust.

How we work?

How we work?

First we identify the business problem and then we match it with the optimal path.

In our achievements in the field of competition and antitrust law are realized projects in such diverse sectors...