One of the ways to finance the company's activities are public funds, European funds among them. As public funds, they may constitute State aid. If not defined properly, it may generate risk. The team of COMPER offers effective State aid risk management. Our ability to effectively combine legal knowledge and economic experience allows us to design enterprise funding so that our Clients can avoid unnecessary risks.

In the area of State aid, we offer:

  • identification of the occurrence of State aid – State aid test,
  • determining the effective financing structures of investment projects, in particular on the basis of funds from the European Union,
  • Market Economy Investor Principle (MEIP),
  • development of economic, accounting and financial infrastructure of State aid management,
  • preparation of queries to the President of the OCCP and notification to the European Commission,
  • audits of State aid,
  • development and implementation of de minimis aid in capital groups monitoring systems,
  • verification of accounting rules in relation to State aid requirements,
  • audits of recompensation financing public services,
  • training and workshops.

The innovation we offer is active state aid risk management. We start with the State aid compliance audit, followed by support services in organization ofaccounting system.

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It's obvious – State aid is practically pure economics (benefits, compensation, investments, financial engineering), so why entrust these issues only to lawyers? Experience and economic knowledge combined with knowledge of legal aspects gives excellent results. And we know how to do it.

How we work?

How we work?

Efficiently, quickly and accurately. We ca n prove it by numerous recommendation letters. If the problem with State aid occurs - we are not taking shortcuts, but always give complex and reasonable solutions and - most important - we can justify them.

Our experience in the field of State aid has been built in the projects carried out in such diverse sectors...