Communication and PR


When running a business, you need to pay special attention to what you say and to whom. For this reason, it is reasonable to build awareness of the correctness of communication and communication. One careless message is enough and you can expose yourself to expensive competition proceedings and then expensive compensation proceedings. For this reason, it is worth paying close attention to how your message is formulated.

What can you do?

For example, they are preparing to implement a new distribution system or introduce a new price list, you must be careful to prepare your message in such a way as not to expose yourself to the interest of OCCP or the EC. You need to pay attention to how your message to stakeholders will be shaped. So consider whether and to what extent a situation may arise that generates the risk of incorrect communication and poorly selected PR.

What is the threat?

One of the important sources of obtaining knowledge about activities in the field of competition law violations, by OCCP or the EC, is the monitoring of media and press statements. Often, on the basis of information provided by the entrepreneurs themselves, the EC or OCCP initiate antitrust proceedings. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the proper and correct transmission of information.

What COMPER can do for you:

  • Conduct a diagnosis of communication risks,
  • Prepare messages addressed to stakeholders taking into account substantive conditions, and,
  • Assist in the implementation of communication with stakeholders,
  • Work closely with your marketing or PR department.

In this respect, Maciej Fornalczyk together with XXX can support you.

Communication and PR