M&A notification to OCCP/EC


Business development is not only organic building of the enterprise, it is also development through mergers and acquisitions. In certain situations, you must remember that you are obliged to notify such a transaction in OCCP or in the EC (depending on the size of the transaction). COMPER is ready to prepare all the necessary analyses and documents that are needed to carry out the notification procedure.

What can you do?

When planning an M&A transaction, also plan the need to conduct proceedings before OCCP/EC and report to COMPER as soon as possible. The basis for a well-conducted notification is the determination of the relevant market and the determination of the market power of its participants both before and after the transaction. Remember, therefore, that the notification of M&A depends largely on economic analysis.

What is the threat?

Failing to notify M&A will not only result in an administrative penalty, but will also require the division of the combined company. It may also turn out that the registry court will not register the capital change and the entire transaction will not be completed.

What COMPER can do for you:

  • Conduct an M&A antitrust audit,
  • Prepare notification documentation,
  • Determine the relevant markets and the market power of the parties to the transaction,
  • Carry out notification proceedings,
  • Participate in the notification process,
  • Prepare an analysis of the conditional decision.

In this respect, you can be supported by Maciej Fornalczyk and adw. Jakub Miziołek, together with the COMPER team.

M&A notification to OCCP/EC