Relevant market definition


When lauching a market strategy or planning an M&A transaction, you need to know how your market is defined. The determination of the relevant market is also a key issue in any antitrust (or explanatory) proceedings. Wrong definition of the relevant market leads to wrong antimonopoly conclusions and thus the result of the proceedings will not be correct.

What can you do?

When preparing to build a distribution network (purchase) , set a pricing strategy, M&A transactions, or when you are threatened (or already initiated) antitrust (or explanatory) proceedings, you need an objective analysis of how you determine your market position and determine the relevant market.

What is the threat?

If your relevant market is wrongly defined, your market position will also be affected by an error. As a consequence, it will turn out that your business decisions will result in a risk of violating competition law. As a result, you expose yourself to penalties imposed by the President of OCCP or the EC, as well as liability for damages for antitrust damage.

What COMPER can do for you:

  • To define the relevant markets, and,
  • Determine the position and market power, and,
  • Assess the correctness of the definition of the relevant market.

Maciej Fornalczyk together with the COMPER team can support you in this respect.

Relevant market definition