Consortia participants


Sometimes it turns out that the entrepreneur alone is not able to start a tender or start a given project. In such a situation, it is reasonable to prepare a consortium. However, the consortium may lead to a breach of competition law. For this purpose, you must pay close attention to what goals you set for your consortium and what are the provisions of the consortium agreement. Or will we come to the conclusion that it will be necessary to carry out the leniency procedure?

What COMPER can do for you:

  • Carry out an analysis of the risk of violation of antitrust law,
  • Verify the current consortium agreement, the,
  • Prepare recommended changes to the consortium agreement
  • Prepare a consortium agreement,
  • Conduct training in the field of competition law,
  • Prepare application leniency or leniency+,
  • Prepare and implement inspection and search procedures,
  • Support in the course of proceedings before OCCP or the EC.

Maciej Fornalczyk, adw. Jakub Miziołek and apl. rdc. Tomasz Dębski, together with COMPER team can support you in this respect.

Consortia participants