Bond issuance and financing acquisition


Whether you need funds for a new investment or you are trying to refinance your debt, it is important to us that you must have access to new sources of financing. When building a business strategy, please note that obtaining financing, when subsidies from the EU Funds are very limited, requires the preparation of a good financial model and working through the legal and formal side of obtaining such financing.

What can you do?

You need to prepare yourself to present the conditions of your project to us so that we can offer you the best solution to obtain financing. So gather all the relevant information about the planned project and contact COMPER.

What is the threat?

If you do not prepare properly, you will certainly not receive financing, which in turn will result in business failure. So you can avoid such a situation when you contact us and allow us to prepare all the necessary elements leading to obtaining financing.

What COMPER can do for you:

Prepare an interactive financial model, Prepare application documentation, Introduce possible modifications to business plans.

Maciej Fornalczyk and Piotr Kulczycki together with the COMPER team can support you in this respect.

Bond issuance and financing acquisition