Compensation modelling


The municipal industry has its own requirements and conditions. If you are a representative of this extremely interesting industry, then modeling the compensation you are to receive from your customer should be an interesting issue for you. Particular attention must be paid to monitoring the loss and liquidity of your company, so that you can inform your owner about it in a timely manner. Having a properly prepared analytical tool will allow you to avoid allegations of conducting business in a economically not justified way.

What can you do?

The basic issue is to conduct an analysis of your public service obligation contract in the context of the principles of compensation settlement. The next step is to define what parameters will be crucial in assessing your business. Then contact COMPER.

What is the threat?

The lack of a model to monitor the settlement of compensation means that you have no arguments in the discussion with the donor of the entrustment in terms of the compensation due to you. In the event of financial problems, you can not effectively defend yourself against accusations and you do not have knowledge of how to properly organize financing so as not to aggravate problems.

What COMPER can do for you:

  • Prepare an interactive financial model,
  • Conduct a compensation audit,
  • Prepare an audit report on the entrustment structure
  • Implement a liquidity monitoring system.

In this respect, you can be supported by Maciej Fornalczyk, Piotr Kulczycki and Mateusz Łęczycki together with the COMPER team.

Compensation modelling