Cities require a special approach, where a public mission is combined with running a business. This specific condition causes that the planning of revitalization is not only the architectural and urbanization aspect itself, but also financial and legal. Based on the knowledge and experience of COMPER, we are ready to comprehensively support you in planning and then performing revitalization tasks in economic and legal aspects, with particular emphasis on the occurrence of State aid.

What COMPER can do for you:

  • Choice of the form of business activity,
  • To carry out the identification of State aid,
  • Conduct a compensation audit,
  • Develop a entrustment structure,
  • Conduct an audit of the entrustment structure,
  • Carry out an audit of financial and accounting infrastructure,
  • Develop performance indicators,
  • Prepare an interactive financial model,
  • Draw up an executive agreement,
  • Prepare structured financing of planned investments
  • Prepare a product offer that meets the needs of the local market,
  • Prepare an urban sports policy that allows you to effectively finance your business.

In this respect, you can be supported by Maciej Fornalczyk, Mateusz Łęczycki and Joanna Fornalczyk, Ph.D. together with the COMPER team.