COMPER Fornalczyk i Wspólnicy sp.j. since 1998 have been dealing with the economic aspects of competition law, especially cases and projects that require an interdisciplinary approach. In our work we effectively combine legal knowledge with expertise in economy in order to provide our customers with solutions that maximize their business goals while effectively managing business risk.

In all our projects we combine legal knowledge and expertise in economy of our employees that create a well-functioning team. The leader of our company, Prof. Anna Fornalczyk, as the first President of the Antimonopoly Office (currently - Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) participated in preparation of restructuring programs for such sectors as rail transport, telecommunications, energy, coal mining, metallurgy, food processing and others. Anna Fornalczyk has extensive experience in the operation of the international administration, which stems from the representing the government of Poland in negotiations on the rules on competition and State aid in international agreements, eg. during the accession to the European Union.

COMPER focuses on economic analysis, which is more and more widely used in the competition law and State aid jurisprudence. This approach is the result of an ongoing process of "economization" of competition law and State aid.